"I was REALLY nervous and scared about coming to MIT. FUP changed everything. The advice I received from the counselors, the friends I made, and the familiarity with the campus that I gained made me much more comfortable here. I have repeatedly thought that FUP was the best possible choice I could have made."

FUPper '17

"I have made so many friends through FUP and I've learned so much from them. I've discovered how diverse and amazing my peers and mentors are - their journeys through their obstacles are inspiring and awesome in every way. I've also realized just how much our community needs love and care and support."

FUPper '17

"FUP has helped me expand my group of people to trust here at MIT (and among my own class!). It has opened me to new views of people and life, made me more accepting and aware of people coming from diverse backgrounds, and shown me ways that I can apply myself outside of the classroom at MIT."

FUPper '17

"FUP has helped me meet awesome people that just made socializing at orientation so much easier. Also because of the amazing small group discussions, I now have a better idea of what I want to pursue academically in order to best impact the world (or at least, what I should be looking for from my education)."

FUPper '17

About FUP

The best way to learn about a new community is by serving its people. The Freshman Urban Program (FUP) gives you the opportunity to explore the neighborhoods of Boston and Cambridge by volunteering with the people who live there.

Make an Impact

You’ll be working to make a positive impact in a series of service placements that tackle issues like food insecurity, poverty and environmental sustainability.

Reflect On Social Issues

You’ll participate in various activities that allow you to reflect on your experiences and relevant social issues such as inequality, privilege and hunger in America.

Transition Into College Life

You’ll get the inside scoop on surviving and thriving at MIT from a team of 14 counselors, and explore the fun side of Cambridge and Boston at night.

Build Relationships

You’ll make strong friendships with fellow fantastic freshmen as well as amazing upperclassmen that will support you throughout your time at MIT.

For FUPpers

What to Expect

Here’s a sample of activities you can expect to get up to during the week of FUP:

  • Preparing food at soup kitchens and homeless shelters
  • Painting benches and removing invasive species along the Charles River
  • Sorting food donations at the Greater Boston Food Bank
  • Preparing school supplies at low-income educational organizations
  • Engaging in activities that explore issues such as hunger, gender, and cultural expectations
  • Exploring various area neighborhoods, including the North End, Downtown, and Harvard Square
  • Eating froyo, singing karaoke and watching movies with your fellow FUPpers at night
  • Preparing school supplies at low-income educational organizations
  • Reflecting on your experiences in community service and how you can continue your service work at MIT

The days are fun, but they're jam-packed. FUP is an all-day and all-week commitment, but it's not one you'll regret.

What to Bring

  • comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting a little dirty (t-shirts, shorts, pants)
  • change of regular clothing for daily late night activities
  • one or two semi-formal outfits)
  • jacket or sweatshirt
  • comfortable closed-toe shoes and socks
  • toiletries
  • water bottle
  • backpack
  • alarm clock
  • umbrella or rain coat
  • some spending cash - $20 will do